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Former member of the famous 60's band The New Christy Minstrels

the I'm Declaring Peace song player

William Florian in Concert singing the I'm Declaring Peace songClick the following link for a note from William

I'm Declaring Peace...the song

Some call it a mantra to sing whenever you wish to affirm peace to yourself.

"This timely, inspired and lyrically beautiful musical message enrolls you, the listener, to sing along with William and participate in becoming emissaries of peace.... I'm Declaring Peace speaks to the heart of all humanity...
In declaring peace for ourselves, we become powerful instruments in making Peace On Earth a reality."
—Da Vid, MD, Director of
The Global Peace Foundation

I am happy to come to your events and lead the audiences in "I'm Declaring Peace".

My vision is that as we begin to sing and declare peace within ourselves, a shift to greater tolerance and acceptance occurs which can radiate out from each of us.

No matter what our religious and political beliefs are, we can begin to embrace ourselves and others with a new found love and kindness, feeling our oneness with all life, and all of Creation.

Ultimately we will learn to share the resources of earth and respect our differences.

"I just wanted to compliment your song I'm Declaring Peace. A beautiful sweet thing. The simplicity of a mantra like Give Peace A Chance. It reminded me a little of the clarity of We Shall Over Come, and how that always had stirred me from my days. I am very impressed and feel the heart and purity in it. It is a beautiful work, congradulations William! May it go out well and be sung everywhere. I will do what I can and play it for people. Thanks for that gift."
—Hari Meyers, Sebastopol, CA

The Song

I decided to write a simple peace song that everyone on the planet could sing easily. I did so and recorded it in October of 2003.

I intend to have hundreds of thousands of CD copies of the single "I'm Declaring Peace" printed and handed out free at my concerts and make them available so that the whole world can be singing the song and changing the energy of the planet.

"I keep your CD in my car so I can listen to it all the time. Every time the news comes on I just push the CD and listen to the peace instead. It's a wonderful blessing to have your extraordinary thought and voice in my life."
—Gayla Yates, Santa Rosa, CA

Permission to make copies! I encourage you to make copies of this CD and share it with friends, family, choirs, entertainers, event planners, TV and radio personalities, government and political leaders. Lets get the world singing! Print the music and lyrics.

Download "I'm Declaring Peace" On the PC, right click and choose "Save Target As.." On the Mac, click and hold your mouse button down on the song you want and choose "Download to Disk."
I'm Declaring Peace MP3 5.4MB
I'm Declaring Peace Chorus MP3 593k

"We love your song, it has been stuck in our heads for weeks! We feel it is the perfect for the grand finally of our Peace Compilation. Lots of love and keep up the good work."
—Moriah-Melin Whoolilurie, National Musicians Coordinator/Kucinch Campaign
"Dearest William, Thanks for making your extra special contribution to peace. I love the first line. It really made me think. I also love the sincerity, richness and depth to your voice. I listened to it over and over. I sat and sang with you .... And I walked and sang/listened. Let's work together to actualize peace in 2004. Love and blessings,"
—Jeanine Just, Visionary Success Strategist

Funding and Sponsorship

I am looking for individuals or companies that are willing to help fund the printing and distribution of my CD single "I'm Declaring Peace". Their name would be on the CD as sponsor of world peace.

I have written this song with the intention of giving these CDs away at my concerts, peace events, etc. and encouraging people to sing/chant the song every day for 5 minutes declaring peace within themselves and for the planet.

I intend to have all of the people of America as well as people of other countries, singing this song/chant. The song will be promoted to TV, radio, movie producers, festivals, churches, choirs, main stream famous recording artists, and where ever else it can be distributed so that the people of America and the planet can be unified with the peace message in the song.

Please be in touch with your ideas of venues for me to perform the song, distribution, and sponsorship.

Special thanks to the following individuals and companies that donated or discounted their time and resources to record and make the CD.

Duplicated at Command Productions
Sausalito, CA 415-332-3161

Jeff Martin Productions, recording studio, engineer, and bass
Occidental, CA 707-874-3150

The Love Choir and director Jim Corbit
Sebastopol, CA 707-823-5849

Victor Carberry, Drums

William's Mission

William's mission is to travel the globe spreading goodwill and messages of peace through his music from the United States to all people of this planet!